noun — Plural: Houses
(A building for human beings to live in, dwelling, building made for a particular purpose, division of a lawmaking body or group, number of people at a performance, a business firm, audience at theater, etc., dynasty. Often under guard. -House of Lords the upper house of the British Parliament, consisting of the Lords temporal and spiritual. -House of Representatives the lower legislative branch in many bicameral governmental bodies) buy a house ផ្ទះ
Example: At our house, From house to house, Keep house, Cow house, lighthouse, etc, Religious house; of Assembly, parliament, Business house, A full house, A noble and ancient house.
ផ្ទះ, មន្ទីរសភា
(chicken) house ទ្រុង
(រាជវង្ស) ដំណាក់
(ផ្លូវការ) គេហដ្ឋាន, ទីលំនៅ, សម្រាប់នៅ
(lower) house (of Congress) សភា
House (of orange) រាជវង្សាត្រកូលណាមួយ
(banking) house គ្រឹស្ថានជំនួញ
verbpast tense: housed ; past participle: housed ; present participle: housing ;
(TRANSITIVE) (To shelter, to receive, to store. to dwell) house orphans ឱ្យលំនៅជ្រកកោន
House (electric wire) រុំ
House (machinery) ដាក់ក្នុងអាគារ
  • acceptance house
    - ធនាគាររូបិយាណត្តិ, ក្រុមហ៊ុនដូររូបិយាណត្តិយកកម្រៃជើងសារ
  • bathing house
    - កន្លែងងូតទឹក
  • big house
    - ពន្ធនាគារ
  • bring down the house
    - ធ្វើអោយសើចខ្លាំង
  • call house
    - ផ្ទះស្រីផ្កាមាស
  • chapter house
    - បន្ទប់ដែលប្រធានសង្ឈប្រជុំ
  • charnel house
    - សាលាដំកល់សព ឬធាតុ
  • clearing house
    - សភាទូទាត់
  • coffee house
    - ភោជនីយដ្ឋានលក់កាហ្វេ នឹងភេសជ្ជៈផ្សេងៗ
  • common house
    - សភា
  • counting house
    - អគារ ឬបន្ទប់សម្រាប់រាប់លុយ
  • country house
    - ផ្ទះសំណាក់នៅស្រុកក្រៅ
  • customs house
    - ទីចាត់ការគយ
  • discount house
    - ក្រុមហ៊ុនទិញ និងលក់ឧបករណ៍ទូទាត់លិខិតបំណុល
    - ហាងលក់ទំនិញចុះថ្លៃ
  • export house
    - ក្រុមហ៊ុននីហរ័ណ
  • father of the house
    - សមាជិកសភាមានវ័យចំណាស់ជាងគេ
  • field house
    - ផ្ទះនៅវាលស្រែ
  • frame house
    - ផ្ទះឈើ
  • green house effect
    - ឥទ្ធិពលផ្ទះកញ្ចក់ ដោយសារតែកំណើនកាបូនឌីអុកស៊ីតនៅក្នុងអាកាស
  • hash house
    - ភោជនីយដ្ឋានថោក
  • house agent
    - ភ្នាកងារលក់ទិញ, គូកជេរផ្ទះ
    - គួកជេលក់ ឬជួលផ្ទះ
  • house arrest
    - ការឃុំខ្លួនអោយនៅតែក្នុងផ្ទះ
  • house insurance
    - ការធានារ៉ាប់រងលើជីវិត
    - ការធានា រ៉ាប់រងលើផ្ទះសំបែង
  • house magazine
    - ទស្សនាវដ្តីនិយាយពីការងារក្នុងក្រុមហ៊ុន
  • house of common
    - សភាថ្នាក់ទាប (អង់គ្លេស, កាណាដា)
  • House of Commons
    - សភាតំណាងសាស្ត្រ (ប្រទេសអង់គ្លេស)
  • house of correction
    - គ្រឹះស្ថានសម្រាប់អប់រំឧក្រិដ្ឋជន
    - គុក, មន្ទីរកែប្រែ
  • house of lords
    - សភាថ្នាក់ខ្ពស់ ព្រឹទ្ធសភា (អង់គ្លេស)
  • house of parliament
    - មន្ទីរសភាអគារសភា
  • House of Representatives
    - សភាតំណាងសាស្ត្រ (សហរដ្ខអាមេរិក)
  • house property
    - ទ្រព្យសម្បត្តិ្តឯកជននៅក្នុងផ្ទះ
  • house seat
    - កៅអីសភា
  • house starts (housing starts)
    - ចំណូលផ្ទះសង់ថ្មី
  • house terms
    - អាណត្តិសភា
  • issuing house
    - ធនាគារលក់ហ៊ុន
  • joss house
    - ខ្ទមអ្នកតាចិន
  • Lower house
    - សភាជាន់ទាប
  • mail-order house
    - ក្រុមហ៊ុនលក់ទំនិញដោយអាណត្តិប្រៃសណីយ៍
  • mistress of the house
    - ស្រីមេផ្ទះ
  • motion for adjournment of the House
    - កាយវិការពន្យាពេលការប្រជុំរហូតដល់ថ្ងៃបន្ទាប់មក
  • nursing house
    - មន្ទីរពេទ្យឯកជនតូច
  • nut house
    - មន្ទីរព្យាបាលមនុស្សឆ្កួត
  • on the house
    - ទទេ, មិនបាច់ចេញលុយ
  • open house
    - ការឡើងផ្ទះ
  • packing house
    - កន្លែងសម្លាប់សត្វយកសាច់, កន្លែងខ្ចប់ម្ហូបអាហារ
  • parliament house
    - មន្ទីរសភា, អគាររដ្ឋសភា
noun — Plural: Houses
A structure intended or used as a habitation or shelter for animals of any kind; but especially, a building or edifice for the habitation of man; a dwelling place, a mansion.
Household affairs; domestic concerns; particularly in the phrase to keep house.
Those who dwell in the same house; a household.
A family of ancestors, descendants, and kindred; a race of persons from the same stock; a tribe; especially, a noble family or an illustrious race; as, the house of Austria; the house of Hanover; the house of Israel.
One of the estates of a kingdom or other government assembled in parliament or legislature; a body of men united in a legislative capacity; as, the House of Lords; the House of Commons; the House of Representatives; also, a quorum of such a body.
A firm, or commercial establishment.
A public house; an inn; a hotel.
A twelfth part of the heavens, as divided by six circles intersecting at the north and south points of the horizon, used by astrologers in noting the positions of the heavenly bodies, and casting horoscopes or nativities. The houses were regarded as fixed in respect to the horizon, and numbered from the one at the eastern horizon, called the ascendant, first house, or house of life, downward, or in the direction of the earth's revolution, the stars and planets passing through them in the reverse order every twenty-four hours.
A square on a chessboard, regarded as the proper place of a piece.
An audience; an assembly of hearers, as at a lecture, a theater, etc.; as, a thin or a full house.
The body, as the habitation of the soul.
verbpast tense: housed ; past participle: housed ; present participle: housing ;
(TRANSITIVE) To take or put into a house; to shelter under a roof; to cover from the inclemencies of the weather; to protect by covering; as, to house one's family in a comfortable home; to house farming utensils; to house cattle.
(TRANSITIVE) To drive to a shelter.
(TRANSITIVE) To admit to residence; to harbor.
(TRANSITIVE) To deposit and cover, as in the grave.
(TRANSITIVE) To stow in a safe place; to take down and make safe; as, to house the upper spars.
(INTRANSITIVE) To take shelter or lodging; to abide to dwell; to lodge.
(INTRANSITIVE) To have a position in one of the houses.
The grave