(ច្បាប់) ស្នើ
Example: To make a proposal; to present for acceptance or rejection.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ធ្វើសំណើដាក់ជូនអោយទទួលឬច្រានចោល ។
(ច្បាប់) ដាក់ស្នើភស្តុតាង
Example: To attempt to have something admitted into evidence in a trial. To introduce evidence.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ប៉ុនប៉ងដើម្បីអោយអ្វីមួយបានទទួលយកជាភស្តតាងនៅក្នុងការជម្រះក្តីមួយ ។ បង្ហាញជូនភស្តុតាង ។
(ច្បាប់) ការស្នើកិច្ចសន្យា, សំណើ
Example: In contract law, a proposal to make a deal.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ក្នុងច្បាប់ស្តីអំពីកិច្ចសន្យាគឺសំណើដើម្បីធ្វើការព្រមព្រៀងមួយ ។
(An offering, bid, collection in a church) offer of help ការសុំធ្វើអ្វីមួយ
Example: Makara offered her help in making the sandwiches, Dara accepted Father's offer advice, offer warm congratulations, The house was offered at a low price, The dealer accepted our offer of $500 for the old car, Will the enemy offer any resistance? offer him the post, I offer 10 for it, Offer to do it. offer of $10 ការឱ្យថ្លៃ
Example: An offer of help from the community.
verbpast tense: offered ; past participle: offered ; present participle: offering ;
(TRANSITIVE) ~ something (to somebody) (for something) (to present for acceptance or refusal; propose; attempt, present itself) ការជូន, ការថ្វាយ, ការប្រកេន, ការវេរ, ទេយ្យទាន, ការបូជា, ការស្នើ, ការសុំ, វត្ថុសុំ, ពាក្យសុំ, ការចូលដណ្ដឹងកូនក្រមុំ offer him money ស្នើផ្ដល់នូវអ្វីមួយ, offer price ថ្លៃគេប្រកាស, offer a suggestion ផ្ដល់នូវ, ជូន, offer to go ស្ម័គ្រចិត្ដ, offer sacrifices (to spirits) សែនព្រេន, offer a good view មាន, offer a house for sale ដាក់ (លក់ ។ល។), offer $10 for it ឱយថ្លៃ
(បច្ចេកទេស) ស្នើផ្តល់, អោយ​ថ្លៃ
  • bargain offer
    - ការលក់បញ្ជុះថ្លៃ
  • bona fide offer
    - ការអោយថ្លៃមែនទែន, អំណោយសប្បុរស
  • Cash offer
    - ការសុំបង់ជាសាច់ប្រាក់
  • Firm offer
    - សំណើខ្ជាប់ខ្ជួន
    - ការសន្យាលក់ជាក់លាក់
  • introductory offer
    - ថ្លៃទាក់ម៉ូយ (ចំពោះផលិតផលថ្មី)
    - តម្លៃពិសេសចំពោះទំនិញថ្មីដើម្បីទាក់ទាញអតិថិជន
  • offer and demad
    - ការផ្តល់និងតម្រូវការ
  • offer document
    - ឯកសារ​បញ្ជាក់អោយកាន់កាប់ភាគហ៊ុន
  • Offer of compromise
    - សំណើសុំសម្របសម្រួល
  • offer something for sale
    - ប្រកាសលក់អ្វីមួយ
  • offer up
    - សែនព្រេន, បន់ស្រន់
  • on offer
    - កំពុងលក់ចុះថ្លៃ
  • open to offer
    - ត្រៀមទទួលរាល់សំណើសមស្រប
  • premium offer
    - របស់បន្ថែមអោយទទេ
  • Special offer
    - ទំនិញថោកពិសេស
  • take over offer
    - សំណើទិញហ៊ុនភាគច្រើន (ដើម្បីបានកាន់កាប់ក្រុមហ៊ុន)
  • tender offer
    - សំណើដេញថ្លៃយក, សំណើដេញថ្លៃទិញយក
    - សំណើសុំទិញហ៊ុនជាសាធារណៈ
  • The house in under offer
    - ផ្ទះត្រូវ​កំពុង​គេដេញថ្លៃ
  • to give an offer a conditional acceptance
    - ទទួលលុះត្រាតែអនុវត្តករណីមួយចំនួន
  • Under offer
    - កំពុង​ត្រូវគេតថ្លៃ
  • unsolicited offer
    - សំណើធ្វើដោយឯកឯង
    - សំណើធ្ធើដោយឯកឯង
The act of offering, bringing forward, proposing, or bidding; a proffer; a first advance.
verbpast tense: offered ; past participle: offered ; present participle: offering ;
(TRANSITIVE) That which is offered or brought forward; a proposal to be accepted or rejected; a sum offered; a bid.
(TRANSITIVE) Attempt; endeavor; essay; as, he made an offer to catch the ball.
(TRANSITIVE) To present, as an act of worship; to immolate; to sacrifice; to present in prayer or devotion; -- often with up.
(TRANSITIVE) To bring to or before; to hold out to; to present for acceptance or rejection; as, to offer a present, or a bribe; to offer one's self in marriage.
(TRANSITIVE) To present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest; as, to offer an opinion. With the infinitive as an objective: To make an offer; to declare one's willingness; as, he offered to help me.
(TRANSITIVE) To bid, as a price, reward, or wages; as, to offer a guinea for a ring; to offer a salary or reward.
(TRANSITIVE) To put in opposition to; to manifest in an offensive way; to threaten; as, to offer violence, attack, etc.
(INTRANSITIVE) To present itself; to be at hand.
(INTRANSITIVE) To make an attempt; to make an essay or a trial; -- used with at.
advance, exhibit, extend, proffer, propose, sacrifice, tender, volunteer
bid, overture, proposal, proposition, suggestion, tender
accept, receive, reject, retain, spurn
acceptance, denial, rejection, withdrawal
To attempt, to undertake