Probable cause

(ច្បាប់) ភវនីយហេតុ (ព.ថ)
Example: A very good reason or suspicion based on facts that an officer has learned from reliable or trustworthy sources, that would lead a reasonable person to think that someone has committed a crimper or that something connected with a crime will be found in the place to be searched. For example, a policeman, patrolling a high crime area where there are many drug related offenses, observe two men exchange money on a street and then go to a nearby car to retrieve a package from the trunk. One of the men sticks his finger in the bag. puts his finger in his mount to taster something, stuffs the bag in his pocket and walks away. This routine occurs several times. the owner of the car is known to the officer as a drug dealer. The policeman has probable cause to obtain a warrant to search the car and any person who receivers a package from the trunk.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ហេតុផលល្អបំផុតឬការសង្ស័យមែនទែនដែលពឹងផ្អែកលើអង្គហេតុនានាដែលមន្រ្តីម្នាក់បានដឹងពីប្រភេទព័ត៌មានដែលគួរអោយជឿ ឬគិតថាវត្ថុអ្វីមួយដែលបានទាកទិនទៅនឹងបទល្មើសព្រហ្មទណ្ឌមួយនឹងត្រូវបានរកឃើញនៅកន្លែងដែលត្រូវឆែកឆេរពិតមែន ។ ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ដូច្នេះប៉ូលីសមានភវនីយហេតុដើម្បីបានដីកាឆែកឆេររថយន្តនោះនិងមនុស្សណាមួយដែលបានទទួលកញ្ចប់ដែលយកចេញពីគូថរថយន្ត ។