(FRENCH) (A musical instrument of pipes worked by bellows and played by keys a means of action; a newspaper, part of the body or of a plant that has a special duty, a member of an animal or plant exercising a special function) pipe organ អកហ្គ៍, ព៉្យាណូខ្យល់ (គ្រឿងភ្លេងម៉្យាង​ស្រដៀងគ្នានឹងព៉្យាណូ)
Example: Our company publishes a organdy.organ of the body សរីរាង្គ, organ of a political party អង្គការព័ត៌មាន
(បច្ចេកទេស) អង្គការ, អង្គការព័ត៌មាន
(វេជ្ជសាស្ត្រ) សរីរាង្គ, សរីរៈ (ដូចជាក្រពះ បេះដូង ច្រមុះ ជាដើម)
  • accessory organ
    - សរីរាង្គដែលត្រូវត្រួតពិនិត្យដោយសរីរាង្គផ្សេងទៀត
  • dental organ
    - សរីរាង្គធ្មេញ
  • digestive organ
    - សរីរាង្គចិញ្ចឹម, រំលាយអាហារ
  • haematopoietic organ
    - សរីរាង្គបង្កើតគ្រាប់ឈាម ឬ គោលិកាឈាម
  • olfactory organ
    - សរីរាង្គឃានវិញ្ញាណ
  • organ extract
    - កាវសរីរាង្គ, ជាតិរម្ងាស់ចេញពីសរីរាង្គ
  • organ of special sense
    - សរីរាង្គវិញ្ញាណ, អង្គវិញ្ញាណ
  • organ of touch
    - សរីរាង្គកាយវិញ្ញាណ
  • organ transplant
    - ការវះផ្លាស់ប្តូរសរីរាង្គ
  • taste organ
    - សរីរាង្គជីវហាវិញ្ញាណ
An instrument or medium by which some important action is performed, or an important end accomplished; as, legislatures, courts, armies, taxgatherers, etc., are organs of government.
A natural part or structure in an animal or a plant, capable of performing some special action (termed its function), which is essential to the life or well-being of the whole; as, the heart, lungs, etc., are organs of animals; the root, stem, foliage, etc., are organs of plants.
A component part performing an essential office in the working of any complex machine; as, the cylinder, valves, crank, etc., are organs of the steam engine.
A medium of communication between one person or body and another; as, the secretary of state is the organ of communication between the government and a foreign power; a newspaper is the organ of its editor, or of a party, sect, etc.
A wind instrument containing numerous pipes of various dimensions and kinds, which are filled with wind from a bellows, and played upon by means of keys similar to those of a piano, and sometimes by foot keys or pedals; -- formerly used in the plural, each pipe being considired an organ.
(TRANSITIVE) To supply with an organ or organs; to fit with organs; to organize.