(A permit from the government or other authority to own or do something or to carry on a certain trade, permission, authority granted to do any act, a legal permit, excess of liberty) សំបុត្រអនុញ្ញាត driver's license សំបុត្រ បើកបររថយន្ដ, អាជ្ញាប័ណ្ណ, សំបុត្រធី, grant license to សិទ្ធិ, ច្បាប់អនុញ្ញាត, moral license ការមិនប្រកាន់តាម, import license export license អាជាប័ណ្ណនាំចេញ-នាំចូល, poetic license បដិប្បញ្ញត្តិសម្រាប់កវីនិពន្ធន៍
Example: A license to practice as a doctor.
(ច្បាប់) អាជ្ញាប័ណ្ណ
Example: A grant of permission needed to legalize doing a particular thing, exercising a certain privilege or pursuing a particular business or occupation.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ ការផ្តល់ការអនុញ្ញាតចំបាច់ដើម្បីធ្វើនីត្យានុកូលកម្ម (ធ្វើអោយស្របច្បាប់) ដល់ការធ្វើអ្វីម៉្យាង​ការប្រើបុព្វសិទិ្ធណាម្យ៉ាង​ឬការប្រកបអាជីវកម្មឬមុខរបរណាម៉្យាង ។
(បច្ចេកទេស) អាជា្ញប័ណ្ណ, លីសង់, សិទ្ធិ លិខិតអនុញ្ញាត
verbpast tense: licensed ; past participle: licensed ; present participle: licensing ;
ផ្តល់សិទិ្ធ, ប្រគល់ការអនុញ្ញាត, ចេញអាជា្ញប័ណ្ណ
(TRANSITIVE) (To permit by grant of authority) អោយសិទ្ធិ, ចេញអាជាប័ណ្ណ, ផ្ដល់ការអនុញ្ញាត
Example: Father has a driving license, One must have a license to fish, to hunt, to marry, and to do many other things, be given full license to do, license plate, license tag.
  • driving license
    - ប័ណ្ណបើកបរ, ពែរមី
  • export license
    - អាជា្ញប័ណ្ណនាំចេញ
  • gaming license
    - លិខិតអនុញ្ញាតអោយបើកអាជីវកម្មល្បែង
  • import license
    - អាជា្ញប័ណ្ណនាំចូល
  • investment license
    - លិខិតអនុញ្ញាតអោយធ្វើការវិនិយោគ, អាជ្ញាប័ណ្ណវិនិយោគ
  • letter of license
    - លិខិតទុកពេលអោយកូនបំណុលសងប្រាក់
  • liquor license
    - ប័ណ្ណអនុញ្ញាតអោយលក់គ្រឿងស្រវឹង
Authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act; especially, a formal permission from the proper authorities to perform certain acts or to carry on a certain business, which without such permission would be illegal; a grant of permission; as, a license to preach, to practice medicine, to sell gunpowder or intoxicating liquors.
The document granting such permission.
Excess of liberty; freedom abused, or used in contempt of law or decorum; disregard of law or propriety.
That deviation from strict fact, form, or rule, in which an artist or writer indulges, assuming that it will be permitted for the sake of the advantage or effect gained; as, poetic license; grammatical license, etc.
verbpast tense: licensed ; past participle: licensed ; present participle: licensing ;
(TRANSITIVE) To permit or authorize by license; to give license to; as, to license a man to preach.