Boys fight វាយតប់គ្នា, fight for a principle តស៊ូ, soldiers fight ប្រយុទ្ធ
Example: Brothers shouldn't fight again each other
(to struggle against in physical combat or in war, to carry on (a battle). fighting, a battle, a struggle or contest or conflict of any kind a boxing match) ការវាយគ្នា, ការវាយលុក, យាយី, ជំលោះគឹកកង, សង្គ្រាម, ចំបាំង, ជំលោះ, ចំបាប់, ការប្រឆាំង a fight broke out ការវាយតប់គ្នា, dog fight ការប្រខាំគ្នា, fight for liberty ការតស៊ូ, fight for a hill ការប្រយុទ្ធ, a fight to the finish ការតស៊ូរហូតទាល់តែឈ្នះ
Example: When the enemy gunboat fire shot across our bows, we knew we had a light on our hands.
(បច្ចេកទេស) ការវាយប្រយុទ្ធ, តទល់ប្រឆាំងនឹង
verbpast tense: Fought ; past participle: Fought ; present participle: Fighting ; 3rd person singular present Fights
(TRANSITIVE) Fight the enemy ច្បាំងនឹង, fight a battle ច្បាំង, fight something out ដោះស្រាយដោយការវាយប្រហារគ្នា, fight crime ប្រើមធ្យោបាយកម្ចាត់ fight fire លត់ភ្លើង, Boxing fight an opponent ប្រដាល់
  • diplomatic fight
    - ការតស៊ូរផ្នែកការទូត
  • fight a losing battle
    - តស៊ូដោយគ្មានជ័យជំនះឬសង្ឃឹម
  • fight back
    - វាយបក, ទប់ (ទឹកភ្នែក កំហឹង..)
    - ខំទប់ (អារម្មណ៍, ទឹកភ្នែក)
    - សងសឹក, វាយបក, ឆ្លើយតបយ៉ាងស្វាហាប់
  • fight down
    - ទប់អារម្មណ៍, សង្កត់ចិត្ដ
  • fight for
    - តស៊ូសម្រាប់
  • fight for independence
    - តស៊ូដើម្បីឯករាជ្យ
  • fight it out
    - វាយរហូតដល់ចប់
  • fight off
    - រារាំង, បង្អាក់
    - វាយរុញច្រានទៅវិញ, បង្ខំឲ្យដកថយ
    - វាយរុញប្រធាន, វាយបក
  • fight on
    - បន្តវាយឬតស៊ូ
  • fight out
    - ដោះស្រាយដោយប្រើកម្លាំង
  • fight shy of
    - ជៀសវាង
  • fight to death
    - ប្រយុទ្ធ (តស៊ូ) រហូតដល់តំនាក់ឈាមចុងក្រោយ (ស្លាប់)
  • fight tooth and nail
    - ប្រយុទ្ធគ្នាយ៉ាងខ្លាំង, ឈ្លោះគ្នាយ៉ាងសាហាវ
    - ប្រឈ្លោះគ្នាយ៉ាងសាហាវ
A battle; an engagement; a contest in arms; a combat; a violent conflict or struggle for victory, between individuals or between armies, ships, or navies, etc.
A struggle or contest of any kind.
A screen for the combatants in ships.
verbpast tense: Fought ; past participle: Fought ; present participle: Fighting ; 3rd person singular present Fights
(INTRANSITIVE) Strength or disposition for fighting; pugnacity; as, he has a great deal of fight in him.
(INTRANSITIVE) To strive or contend for victory, with armies or in single combat; to attempt to defeat, subdue, or destroy an enemy, either by blows or weapons; to contend in arms; -- followed by with or against.
(INTRANSITIVE) To act in opposition to anything; to struggle against; to contend; to strive; to make resistance.
(TRANSITIVE) To carry on, or wage, as a conflict, or battle; to win or gain by struggle, as one's way; to sustain by fighting, as a cause.
(TRANSITIVE) To contend with in battle; to war against; as, they fought the enemy in two pitched battles; the sloop fought the frigate for three hours.
(TRANSITIVE) To cause to fight; to manage or maneuver in a fight; as, to fight cocks; to fight one's ship.
argue, attack, battle, brawl, combat conflict, content, debate, dispute, encounter, grapple, oppose, quarrel, scuffle, skirmish, squabble, struggle, wrangle
altercation, battle, brawl, clash, combat, confrontation, contention dispute, encounter, feud, fracas, quarrel, scuffle, skirmish, strife