Imperative mandate

(ច្បាប់) អាណត្តិអាជ្ញាបញ្ជា
Example: The right and power conferred upon an elected representative by the electors or voters of a constituency, on condition that the elected representative conform to their orders of the mandate or recall. In modern times these orders or instruction are deemed to be expressed by the party platform of the elected representative's political party. See representative mandate.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ សិទិ្ធនិងអំណាចដែលប្រគល់ឲ្យតំណាងជាប់ឆ្នោត បើពុំនោះទេតំណាងជាប់ឆ្នោតនោះនឹងប្រឈមការដកយកអាណត្តិ (សិទ្ធនិងអំណាច) នោះវិញ ។