adjectivecomparative: younger ; superative youngest
(Having lived or existed for only a short time, not far, advanced in time, youthful, having little experience, of youth, in an early stage, lacking experience, immature. -with young pregnant. -young and old both young and old people. -Young blood youth or its ideas, practices, etc. -young brother younger brother. -young sister younger sister. -young man male in early male hood. -young one child or young animal, offspring) young child នៃក្មេង
Example: Young people; young Dang, The young, Young animals, plants, A tiger with its young it, Very young for his years; a young face, A young head on old shoulders, Young looking, etc.
  • Young buck
    - ប្រុសក្មេង
  • young fry
    - កូន (ត្រី)
  • young lady
    - ស្រ្ដីក្រមុំ
  • young man
    - ប្រុសកម្លោះ
  • young people
    - ពួកកំលោះ ក្រមុំ
  • young Turk
    - មនុស្សប្រកបដោយមហិច្ឆិតា
The offspring of animals, either a single animal or offspring collectively.
adjectivecomparative: younger ; superative youngest
Not long born; still in the first part of life; not yet arrived at adolescence, maturity, or age; not old; juvenile; -- said of animals; as, a young child; a young man; a young fawn.
Being in the first part, pr period, of growth; as, a young plant; a young tree.
Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak.