(160 of a minute of time; 160 of a minute of angular measurement instant, the SI unit of time, a very short time. -Second Advent the second coming of Jesus of Christ. -second sight the supposed faculty to see things not physically present to foresee the future, etc. -second teeth teeth that grow after milk teeth) (five) seconds វិនាទី
Example: Second counts, The train will take off in a second.
(Something that is second, the second day of a month; an item of inferior quality; the second person, thing, class, place, etc., an article of merchandise that is not of the first quality; an aid or assistant) ទីពីរ (បន្ទាប់), អ្នកបម្រុងទុក (តួនាទី)
Example: He's the second.
(វេជ្ជសាស្ត្រ) ទី២
(វេជ្ជសាស្ត្រ) លើកទី២, បន្ទាប់បន្សំ
(វេយ្យាករណ៍) ទុតិយរ៉ិសៈ
Example: Second person
(បច្ចេកទេស) ទីពីរបន្ថែម
(Next after first; another after the first, of a secondary dinned, subordinate, inferior) ដែលរង (បន្ទាប់), នៃមួយទៀត (បន្ទាប់), second position ទីពីរ (បន្ទាប់), second nature ទម្លាប់ on second thought ក្រោយគិតសា ជាថ្មី
verbpast tense: seconded ; past participle: seconded ; present participle: seconding ;
(TRANSITIVE) (To assist, to indicate formal support of, to support, a motion before a meeting or council; to back; to encourage) គាំទ្រ, ទំនុកបម្រុង
Example: I'll be finished in just a second, Monday is the second day of the week, Dara won second, second quality.
  • ask for a second opinion
    - សួរយោបល់ពីគ្រូពេទ្យ ឬអ្នកជំនាញការមួយទៀត
  • at second hand
    - ដែលអ្នកដទៃ​ធ្លាប់ប្រើរួចហើយ
  • get one's second wind
    - មានកម្លាំងឡើងវិញ
  • healing by second intension
    - ការជាសះស្បើយយឈតៗនៃរបួសដែលមានមេរោគដែលសាច់មានសម្លាក
  • just a second
    - មួយភ្លែត
  • Kilobits per second
    - គីឡូប៊ិតក្នុមួយវិនាទី
  • lower left second molar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមទី២ក្រោមឆ្វេង
  • lower left second premolar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមតូចទី២ក្រោមឆ្វេង
  • lower right second molar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមទី២ក្រោមស្ដាំ
  • lower right second premolar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមតូចទី២ក្រោមស្ដាំ
  • megabits per second
    - មេហ្គាប៊ិតក្នុងមួយវិនាទី
  • play second fiddle
    - នៅក្រោមអ្នកណាម្នាក់ (បន្ទាប់), មានឋានៈទាបជាង
    - នៅក្រោមនរណាម្នាក់មានឋានៈទាបជាង
    - ដើរតួបន្ទាប់បន្សំ ឬនៅក្រោមបង្កាប់
  • second a candidate
    - គាំទ្របេក្ខជន
  • second a motion
    - គាំទ្រញ្ញតិ
  • second ballot
    - ការបោះឆ្នោតលីកទីពីរ
  • second deputy governor
    - អភិបាលរងទីពីរ
  • second half
    - ឆមាសទីពីរ ពាក់កណ្តាលទីពីរ
  • second half-year
    - ឆមាសទីពីរ
  • second hand
    - ដែលប្រើហើយ, វត្ថុដែលគេប្រើហើយ
    - ជជុះ, ប្រើម្តងហើយ
  • second molars
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាម
  • second mortgage
    - វត្ថុបញ្ចាំបន្ថែម
    - វត្ថុបញ្ចាំបន្ថែមលើរបស់បញ្ចាំដែលមានស្រាប់, និភេ្ខបបន្ថែម
  • second permanent molar
    - ថ្គាមធំទី២
  • second prime minister
    - នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រីទីពីរ
  • second quarter
    - ត្រីមាសទីពីរ
  • second reading
    - ការពិនិត្យសំណើច្បាប់នៅក្នុងសភា
  • second round
    - ដំណាក់កាលទី២
  • second scene
    - ឈុតទីពីរ
  • second stage unit
    - ឯកតាដំណាក់ទីពីរ
  • second thought
    - ការពិចារណាសាជាថ្មី
  • second to
    - ផ្ទេរទៅកាន់តំណែងពិសេស
  • second vice-governor
    - អភិបាលរងទីពីរ
  • second world
    - លោកទីពីរ
  • split second
    - រយៈពេលខ្លី, ទៀងទាត់បំផុត (ពេលវេលា) លឿនបំផុត
  • upper left second molar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមទី២លើឆ្វេង
  • upper left second premolar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមតូចទី២លើឆ្វេង
  • upper right second molar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមធំទី២លើស្តាំ
  • upper right second premolar
    - ធ្មេញថ្គាមតូចទី២លើស្តាំ
One who, or that which, follows, or comes after; one next and inferior in place, time, rank, importance, excellence, or power.
One who follows or attends another for his support and aid; a backer; an assistant; specifically, one who acts as another's aid in a duel.
Aid; assistance; help.
An article of merchandise of a grade inferior to the best; esp., a coarse or inferior kind of flour.
The sixtieth part of a minute of time or of a minute of space, that is, the second regular subdivision of the degree; as, sound moves about 1,140 English feet in a second; five minutes and ten seconds north of this place.
The interval between any tone and the tone which is represented on the degree of the staff next above it.
The second part in a concerted piece; -- often popularly applied to the alto.
In the duodecimal system of mensuration, the twelfth part of an inch or prime; a line.
Immediately following the first; next to the first in order of place or time; hence, occuring again; another; other.
Next to the first in value, power, excellence, dignity, or rank; secondary; subordinate; inferior.
Being of the same kind as another that has preceded; another, like a protype; as, a second Cato; a second Troy; a second deluge.
Specifically, to support, as a motion or proposal, by adding one's voice to that of the mover or proposer.
verbpast tense: seconded ; past participle: seconded ; present participle: seconding ;
To follow in the next place; to succeed; to alternate.
To follow or attend for the purpose of assisting; to support; to back; to act as the second of; to assist; to forward; to encourage.