(ច្បាប់) លើកបណ្តឹងចោល
Example: To terminate a case of some part of it. Before or during the trial of a civil action, the suit may be dismissed voluntarily by the plaintiff, or involuntary by the court upon defendant's motion to dismiss the complaint or any part of it.
ឧទាហរណ៍៖ លើកបណ្តឹងមួយចោលឬលើកភាគខ្លះនៃបណ្តឹងរដ្ឋប្បវេណីមួយ ដើមចោទអាចសុំលើកលែងឈប់ប្តឹងដោយស្មគ័ចិត្តឬចុងចោទអាចប្តឹងអោយតុលាការ​បដិសេធបណ្តឹងឬភាគមួយនៃបណ្តឹងនោះ ។
(បច្ចេកទេស) បណ្តេញចោល, លើកបណ្តឹងចោល
(TRANSITIVE) ~ somebody (from something) (to send away from one's presence or employment, to discharge from an office employment, etc., to put out of one's mind, to reject (a claim or action), to send away, to refuse to consider further) អនុញ្ញាតឱ្យបែកគ្នា ឬ​ចាកចេញ
Example: The teacher dismissed the class.dismiss an employee បណ្ដេញចោល, dismiss it from one's mind កម្ចាត់ចេញ dismiss from one's mind thoughts លែងគិតគូរទៀត
Example: The teacher dismissed the class early before the holidays.
  • dismiss a case
    - បញ្ចប់ (រឿងក្ដី) ហើយឱ្យចុងចោទរួចខ្លួន
  • dismiss as
    - បដិសេធចោល, ទាត់ចោលដោយចាត់ទុក (ថាគ្មានតម្លៃ..)
  • dismiss from
    - បណ្ដេញចោល, ពីការងារ
accept, detain, recall, retain