(The place in which any event occurs, a diversion of a play, place of an actual event, time, place, and circumstances in which a play, novel, etc. takes place, in the theater, the painted background, stage properties, etc., that show the place of action, a landscape, a display of bad temper or anger before others, spectacle, show, -behind the scenes privately, secretly) ភាគនៃឈុត (សិល្បៈខាងល្ខោន)
Example: The scene is a square in Venice, Change the scene of confusion, of woodland beauty, Appeared on the scene, Act 11, Scene 11. scene of the crime កន្លែងដែលព្រឹត្ដិការណ៍អ្វីៗកើតឡើង, វិការដ្ឋាន, cause a scene ការឆោឡោ
(បច្ចេកទេស) ទីកន្លែងកើតហេតុ, ទិដ្ឋភាព
  • A touching scene
    - ទិដ្ឋភាពដ៏រំភើបមួយ ។
  • beautiful scene
    - ទស្សនីយភាពដ៏ស្រស់ស្អាត
  • behind scene
    - នៅពីក្រោយឆាក, លាក់កំបាំង
  • illuminate a scene
    - ដាក់ភ្លើងបំភ្លឺ, តែងលំអរដោយភ្លើង, តាំងភ្លើង
  • love scene
    - ឆាកស្នេហា
  • on scene
    - មានមុខ (វត្តមាន)
  • political scene
    - ឆាកនយោបាយ
  • second scene
    - ឈុតទីពីរ
  • set the scene
    - ជួយធ្វើអោយត្រៀម
  • steal the scene
    - ទាក់ទាញចំណាប់អារម្មណ៍ខ្លាំងបំផុត
The structure on which a spectacle or play is exhibited; the part of a theater in which the acting is done, with its adjuncts and decorations; the stage.
The decorations and fittings of a stage, representing the place in which the action is supposed to go on; one of the slides, or other devices, used to give an appearance of reality to the action of a play; as, to paint scenes; to shift the scenes; to go behind the scenes.
So much of a play as passes without change of locality or time, or important change of character; hence, a subdivision of an act; a separate portion of a play, subordinate to the act, but differently determined in different plays; as, an act of four scenes.
The place, time, circumstance, etc., in which anything occurs, or in which the action of a story, play, or the like, is laid; surroundings amid which anything is set before the imagination; place of occurrence, exhibition, or action.
An assemblage of objects presented to the view at once; a series of actions and events exhibited in their connection; a spectacle; a show; an exhibition; a view.
A landscape, or part of a landscape; scenery.
An exhibition of passionate or strong feeling before others; often, an artifical or affected action, or course of action, done for effect; a theatrical display.
(TRANSITIVE) To exhibit as a scene; to make a scene of; to display.