noun — Plural: Sympathies
(sharing or the ability to share another person's emotions or sensations, sameness of feeling affinity, agreement in qualities, accord, compassion, general agreement (with)) បាសាទចិត្ដ
Example: Sympathy with others in their troubles, To feel sympathy for the flood victims, Father is in sympathy with our plans, They are in sympathy with each other, sympathy strike.
ការអាណិតអាសូរ, ទឹកចិត្តគាំទ្រ
  • in sympathy with
    - ដោយគាំទ្រ
  • sympathy strike
    - កូដកម្មតាមសំណើក្រុមផ្សេងទៀត
    - កូដកម្មធ្វើឡើងតាមការអំពាវនាវរបស់ក្រុមមួយផ្សេង
noun — Plural: Sympathies
A tendency of inanimate things to unite, or to act on each other; as, the sympathy between the loadstone and iron.
Feeling corresponding to that which another feels; the quality of being affected by the affection of another, with feelings correspondent in kind, if not in degree; fellow-feeling.
An agreement of affections or inclinations, or a conformity of natural temperament, which causes persons to be pleased, or in accord, with one another; as, there is perfect sympathy between them.
Kindness of feeling toward one who suffers; pity; commiseration; compassion.
The reciprocal influence exercised by the various organs or parts of the body on one another, as manifested in the transmission of a disease by unknown means from one organ to another quite remote, or in the influence exerted by a diseased condition of one part on another part or organ, as in the vomiting produced by a tumor of the brain.
That relation which exists between different persons by which one of them produces in the others a state or condition like that of himself. This is shown in the tendency to yawn which a person often feels on seeing another yawn, or the strong inclination to become hysteric experienced by many women on seeing another person suffering with hysteria.
Similarity of function, use office, or the like.
The reciprocal influence exercised by organs or parts on one another, as shown in the effects of a diseased condition of one part on another part or organ, as in the vomiting produced by a tumor of the brain.
The influence of a certain psychological state in one person in producing a like state in another.