noun — Plural: Treen, trees
(a woody, perennial plant with one main stem or trunk, a piece or framework of wood, a treelike thing, a treelike bush or shrub, a gallows, a diagram of family descent) ព្រឹក្ស, apple tree ដើមឈើ (ព្រឹក្ស), family tree ពង្សាវលី
verbpast tense: treed ; past participle: treed ; present participle: treeing ;
(TRANSITIVE) (To drive to a tree, to spread out in a treeshape a tree at a loss, in a difficult situation) ដេញ (សត្វ) ឱ្យឡើងដើមឈើ
Example: Family tree, Christmas use, branches of tree, a rose tree, to tree on opossum, a shoe tree; a hat tree.
  • at the top of the tree
    - នៅឋានៈ ឬតំណែងកំពូល
  • bark up the wrong tree
    - រកខុសកន្លែង
    - រកខុសកន្លែង, សាកសួរឬចោទប្រកាន់ខុសកន្លែង, ឬខុសមនុស្ស
  • boot tree
    - ដើមឈើស្បែកជើង
  • bottle tree
    - ដើមឈើម្យ៉ាងមានគល់រាងដូចដប (នៅប្រទេសអូស្ត្រាលី)
  • bronchial tree
    - ប្រព័ន្ធបំពង់ខ្យល់
  • chocolate tree
    - ដើមកាកាវ
  • coffee tree
    - ដើមកាហ្វេ
  • decision tree
    - មែកធាងនៃការសម្រេចចិត្តគឺជាប្រភេទនៃការសម្រេចចិត្តបង្ហាញពីលទល្ធផលដែលអាចមាននៃការសម្រេចចិត្តផ្សេងៗគ្នា
  • family tree
    - តារាងពង្សាវតា
  • Fruit of the poinsonous tree
    - ភស្តុតាងទុច្ចរិត
  • gum tree
    - ដើមឈើទាល
  • mango tree
    - ដើមស្វាយ
  • not see the wood from the tree
    - មិនយល់ចំណុចសំខាន់
  • Poisonous tree
    - ភស្តុតាងប្រកបដោយពិសពុល
  • post tree
    - បង់ថ្លៃតែមហើយ, ដែលផ្ញើតាមប្រៃសណីយ៍ដោយឥតគិតថ្លៃ
  • saddle tree
    - ឆ្អឹងកែបសេះ
  • tree farm
    - ចំការដើមឈើ
  • tree fog
    - កញ្ចាញ់ចេក
  • tree house
    - ផ្ទះនៅលើដើមឈើ
  • tree surgery
    - ការព្យាបាលរោគឈើ
  • tree toad
    - កញ្ចាញ់ចេក
noun — Plural: Treen, trees
Any perennial woody plant of considerable size (usually over twenty feet high) and growing with a single trunk.
Something constructed in the form of, or considered as resembling, a tree, consisting of a stem, or stock, and branches; as, a genealogical tree.
A piece of timber, or something commonly made of timber; -- used in composition, as in axletree, boottree, chesstree, crosstree, whiffletree, and the like.
A cross or gallows; as Tyburn tree.
A mass of crystals, aggregated in arborescent forms, obtained by precipitation of a metal from solution.
verbpast tense: treed ; past participle: treed ; present participle: treeing ;
(TRANSITIVE) To drive to a tree; to cause to ascend a tree; as, a dog trees a squirrel.
(TRANSITIVE) To place upon a tree; to fit with a tree; to stretch upon a tree; as, to tree a boot.
Wood, timber