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Territory (ខ្មែរ ~ English និងសំឡេង)


noun — Plural: Territories
(Any large tract of land region, an extent of land and water under the jurisdiction of a government or sovereign state, district allotted to a salesman or agent) តំបន់, តំបន់ត្រួតត្រា, ទឹកដី (ដែលជារបស់ប្រទេសណាមួយ)
noun — Plural: Territories
A large extent or tract of land; a region; a country; a district.
The extent of land belonging to, or under the dominion of, a prince, state, or other form of government; often, a tract of land lying at a distance from the parent country or from the seat of government; as, the territory of a State; the territories of the East India Company.
In the United States, a portion of the country not included within the limits of any State, and not yet admitted as a State into the Union, but organized with a separate legislature, under a Territorial governor and other officers appointed by the President and Senate of the United States. In Canada, a similarly organized portion of the country not yet formed into a Province.