(TRANSITIVE) ~ somebody / something (from something) (to something), (to turn (a thing) from its course, to turn aside, to amuse, to distract) បំបែរ, បង្វែងដាន, នាំចាក (នាំឱ្យបោះបន្ទោបង់, បែរ, ងាក)
Example: Traffic was diverted until the bridge was repaired, The noise diverted our attention from the game, we were diverted by the concert.divert water បង្វែរ, ធ្វើឱ្យភ្លើតភ្លើន, divert his attention បន្លែបន្លំ, divert oneself with a novel កំសាន្ដ
  • divert from
    - បញ្ចៀសចេញពី, បង្វែរ